Affirmations are Power

Affirmations are positive statements designed to counteract negative beliefs that we hold.  Put simply, an affirmation is a wish stated as if it is already true.

Effective affirmations ...
  • Begin with "I am":  These words are powerful and immediate, and your brain takes them as a command.  Not all affirmations have to start with I am, but the words chosen should always be immediate.
  • Are short:  It is easier to remember and internalize short phrases rather than paragraphs.
  • Are positive: If the brain hears a negative word, it processes the entire thought as a negative.  Saying "I am a strong, sober woman" is much more powerful than "I am not drinking anymore."
  • Are specific: It is difficult for your mind to work on making something real if it is vaguely defined.  "I am comfortable in my work environment" is more powerful than "I am comfortable with other people."
  • Are in the present: Putting an affirmation in a future tense gives your mind permission to postpone creating the result you desire.
  • Are said with emotion: Put your heart into your affirmations.  Feel the positive energy as you say them.
Visualization is very useful with affirmations.  When saying your affirmation, visualize what you are affirming.  You may create a visual aid to put on your mirror or where you say your affirmations to assist you in creating a mental picture of what you are working on.

The best time to practice an affirmation is first thing in the morning and the last thing at night.  In the morning you want to give your mind something positive to work on before it can start down the path of negativity.  At night, saying affirmations just before bed gives your mind the cue to work on positive energy while you sleep.

Affirmations are powerful because of:
  • Emotions - being passionate and emotional in saying your affirmations increases their imprint on your mind.
  • Persistence - practicing affirmations with persistence brings quicker results than being sporadic in their use.  Repetition is important in imprinting your subconscious with the affirmation.
  • Belief - While you don't necessarily have to believe your affirmation at first for it to work, you have to be able to "feel" what it would be like for it to happen.  This feeling is very important in making the affirmation work.
  • Impressiveness - Your affirmation must ring true with you.  Impress yourself with your words and they will come to pass more quickly.

Affirmations are an important part of a successful recovery.  Learning to create them and say them with power will help you greatly on your journey.

Sample Affirmations:

I am a strong, sober woman.
I am in control of my thoughts and actions.
I am achieving great things.
I am loved.
I am loveable.
I am loving and kind.