Saturday, June 9, 2012

We Are Diamonds in the Rough

An interesting fact about diamonds is that they are formed under extreme pressure, deep within the Earth’s crust, and are only brought to the surface by volcanic eruptions.  We can think of ourselves in a similar way; who we are is formed by events and forces that included moments of extreme stress.  We hid our true selves deep within by our use of alcohol, and not until the life-changing moment that we decide to become sober could that true self start to surface.

Diamonds are not particularly remarkable when they first come from the ground.  They may have some sparkle, but often appear to be not much different from the rocks around them.  Women in the early stages of sobriety frequently feel the same; they may admit to having some shining qualities, but believe that they lack the ability to truly dazzle.

What changes a rough diamond into a beautiful gem is the faceting.  The manner in which the raw material is shaped determines how it catches the light and what reflections it casts.  Those who create the most brilliant stones put a great deal of effort into their work; they are attentive to every detail and consider the effect of each cut, selecting only those angles which will most set off the inner beauty of the diamond.

So it is with our sobriety.  The choices we make determine our long-term success, our ability to shine.  If we carefully consider our decisions and put effort into each step of recovery, the facets of our personality will begin to sparkle.  The decision to be kind to ourselves, to work through the things holding us back, and to seek the beauty within are all facets of the diamond we are becoming.  If we work carefully to make positive choices, we will grow ever more brilliant.  If our choices are made hastily and without thought to the consequences, we will never attain the true potential we hold within.  We will always feel half-finished, somehow lacking.
The difference between our recovery and a diamond is that while one slip may destroy the stone, we have the ability to try again until we succeed.  If we are dissatisfied with one facet of our lives, we have the opportunity to work on it, and keep working until we shine.  It is this aspect of recovery that is so exciting; we cannot fail unless we give up.

We are all diamonds in the rough.  It’s how we nurture our mind, body and spirit that determine how brilliantly we will shine.  Use the tools available through the WFS program, incorporate the statements into your daily life, and you will find yourself shining ever more brightly.  Sobriety brings your true self from the depths to the surface; recovery will allow you to show the world the brilliance you have within.


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