Monday, September 12, 2011

Five Years Sobriety

Celebrating my fifth Soberversary today. It feels somehow anti-climactic, just another normal day in a normal life. But really, that's as it should be, no? Living life, experiencing all the dull moments, the irritations, and the simple joys ... without burying myself in a bottle. Accepting life on life's terms, changing what I can and letting the rest flow by.

I had thought to write a grand post, waxing poetic and philosophical on my New Life, but now that I'm arrived at this way station on the journey I find it doesn't seem necessary. My existence is my magnum opus on the simple beauty of living in recovery. That I live at all proves how powerful that first step can be, how powerful the Women for Sobriety program can be. I feel a sense of peace that I can't describe in words, except to say that it comes from a place I would never have known without sobriety. That I, for whom words are entire worlds, find it impossible to express my feelings on this day speaks loudly enough, I think.

I see behind me great teachers, great friends, and great challenges and triumphs. I see before me the colors and shades of the universe waiting for exploration and discovery. All of this because late one evening five years ago I looked with blurred vision at an empty bottle of champagne, picked up a marker, and wrote "No More" in big black letters.

Five years is but the drawing in of breath in a life without alcohol. I can't wait so see what happens next.

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